Acupunture Week 1

As many of you know, I have been fighting my left knee for some time. It flares-up often with pain and swelling. Overall, it has improved about 50% since I started working with my new alternative practitioner. So, to get rid of the remaining inflammation, he has suggested that I start working with an acupuncturist in his office, Jim. Jim has been working with us and knows my story and I feel comfortable with him which is now a “must” for me with any practitioner I work with.

So, this morning I started the first of my weekly appointments with Jim. The appointment was about two hours which included lots of questions, a scan of my meridians to see where there are imbalances in the body and then the acupuncture. Tomorrow I will also start a month long cleansing program. My liver has been a concern for every alternative practitioner I have seen and was even showing some abnormalities during my last few months on medication. Jim feels this may be contributing to my knee’s inability to heal 100%. I feel really optimistic about this next stage in my treatment!

7 thoughts on “Acupunture Week 1

  1. Hope that acupuncture goes well for you, just today I had a session and the area of focus was – you guess it – my left knee.

    Best wishes with the cleanse as well!


  2. Annie, my first alternative practitioner was a naturopath. I knew I wanted to incorporate diet into my healing and searched for a naturopath that would work with my rheumatologist. Unfortunately naturopaths cannot be found everywhere. Chiropractors come in many forms. Most do adjustments only but some, like mine, do energy work, homeopathy, herbs, nutrition and more. Once you find someone you like, they will often refer you to other alternative practitioners and the learning begins. I never imagined there are so many people out there doing so many incredible healing techinques.

    RA Guy – What's up with the left knee? šŸ™‚ I hope yours is feeling better today.


  3. I hope this helps you!!! Do you remember Kevin S.? My “boyfriend” from when I was like 12? Anyway, he told me to try a Netie Pot for my sinus'. He said he swears by it. I'm going to get one and hopefully it will help and then I can say “Bye-Bye” to the medications!


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