9 thoughts on “Epigenetics and Our Health

  1. I am glad you both found the video uplifting. Sometimes I worry that my thoughts on healing may be a little “out there”. But, so far they have worked for me. My alternative practitioner focuses on this idea of controlling our health every time I see him. I always leave feeling so much good energy.


  2. I just came over from *Reasons to be Cheerful's blog!
    That is very uplifting & I know it is the truth.
    I must remember that what I think, influences how I feel and it IS in the Bible.


  3. Thanks for sharing this, Cathy.

    Too often we discredit, ignore, or are not aware of “The culture and beliefs of the people around you become part of your beliefs.”

    Those beliefs generate feelings. If one soaks in negative feelings they can elicit the stress response – which may have an emotional, mental, physical and/or spiritual effect.

    What goes on “upstairs” affects “downstairs”, “inside” and “outside”. 🙂


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