Spunky Coconut Cook Book

When I was first instructed to follow a gluten/dairy free lifestyle with limited sugar four years ago, I went home and didn’t really know what to eat except meat, veggies and rice. Granted, I did lose ten pounds easily, but I wanted something more. Slowly over the years, Whole Foods and other nutrition stores and even mainstream stores now carry a selection of gluten free foods. Sometimes they are also dairy free and sometimes not. The one thing they are generally full of is sugar. So, we are still making most our own food at home, reducing the sugar or substituting it for maple syrup….always substituting or reducing. In the last few years, we have found our favorite recipes to come from family and friends that are also searching for recipes or other bloggers.

I am not sure how I found Kelly at the Spunky Coconut ,but I have always enjoyed her blog. For one thing, she is a fellow homeschooler which is always a plus for me, but she also shares wonderful stories of her family and recipes that look so delicious. Kelly has just recently published a book of her recipes with pictures! And, she is giving away a copy on her blog now! So, take a look, leave a comment and see if you win! (I am really hoping I win, but I will be happy for you if you win instead!)

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