7 thoughts on “Chinese Herb for Swelling

  1. I hope this helps – thanks for sharing! I hadn’t heard of this yet. My daily supplements include ginger and boswellin. (Used to take cayenne as well, but I ran out.)


  2. I would love to hear how this works for you. I have had off and on again issues with my knees. I use old fashioned epsom salts that I make into a paste and leave it on my knee for a while. It helps some but it is not a cure-all. I hope this herb does the trick for you.


  3. I am doing lots of research re. arthritis and trying to find ways to help my condition. This is one of the reasons I’m not keeping up with my blog at the moment, but I do continue to read yours. I’ll let you know what i discover, although i know you already have done a lot of reading I think I have found a book that consolidates a lot of the stuff I’ve read over the years. I will e/mail you the details.


  4. Good luck!! I hope this works for you!

    I started taking some magnesium the other day and it seems to help some. Maybe I need to get it built up a little??

    Hopefully it will help and thanks for the advice!



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