Starbucks Has Gluten Free Muffins

As hard as I try to make all of our meals and snacks, it is nice to sometimes stop somewhere and pick up a little something. Today we stopped by Starbucks to try their gluten free muffins. They are pretty good! We were able to sample it before buying which made it even better! Since we are frequent visitors to Starbucks, we are glad to see there is finally something we can eat there and I won’t always have to pack my own gluten free muffins in my purse!

We enjoyed the Valencia Orange Cupcake that is prepacked. Ingredients: Whole eggs, Valencia Orange Pulp, almonds, sugar, orange peel, gluten free baking powder and orange oil.

4 thoughts on “Starbucks Has Gluten Free Muffins

  1. It is about time!! I guess all my psychic messages to Starbucks worked! Now if they would just install diaper changing tables in their restrooms . . . sigh. . . . Not that it’s a concern anymore, but it sure used to be a pain!


  2. Deborah – I am surprised they don’t have diaper changing tables because their restrooms are always nice sized. They could easily install them. But hey, we have gluten free muffins!!!! Life is good.


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