On The Go

I have NEVER been the type of person that can be “on the go” all the time. I need lots of down time at home playing on the computer, reading, snuggling with the kids, baking, getting organized, etc. When I am “on the go” a lot, I feel tired and cranky and something inside me starts rebelling until I honor who I am. For the last few weeks we have had multiple events going on each day – all fun, but still events that are not allowing me to honor who I am.

So, today we are going to meet up with some friends for a very short time and then the rest of the day I plan to do a little yoga, read with my son, listen to the kids stories, clean off the dining room table and have time to just sit. Enjoy your day!

6 thoughts on “On The Go

  1. I too agree we can never have too much down time.

    At the moment, I am allowing myself two “slots” max, each day. Anything that requires me to leave the house is a slot. If I go to physical therapy, that is one slot. This morning I just got back from refilling my medications, that is another slot.

    The other day I wasn’t feeling too well, so I ended up using just one slot that day and I was fine with that.

    We recently spoke about limits and I think at times it’s just too easy to add “one more thing” to our list. For the time being as my body begins to heal from this latest flare, I will continue to stick with my two slot limit per day.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!


  2. I agree, I pushed myself way to hard this week and I’m paying for it dearly.

    It’s pretty bad when you come home and wish you could spend more time there..lol!!

    Hope today refreshed your senses.


  3. RA Guy, I like your style and we sound so similiar in our days. Two slots a day is plenty for me. 🙂

    Debbie, I have always been someone that needs lots of down time, even as a little girl. But, I require it a lot more now – mentally and physically. Otherwise, I do feel like I am about to step off too far on the tight rope!

    It sounds like you have had an extremely stressful and tiring week. I hope your shot helps and you can get some rest.

    Sending healing thoughs to all of you,


  4. Not only do I need down time from activities, but I also need a good deal of solitude to be at my best. I can handle a day or two without it, but it’s more beneficial if I have a few hours alone each day. Fortunately, my family “gets it”, but a lot people I know don’t.


  5. I agree with you Cathy. I love to have time to just scrapbook, read, do something with the kids or have that moment to just sit and do nothing. As sisters I wonder is this because when we were growing up we had to be creative at home because we just didn’t go out that much. I really love to have time to myself to think, late at night is when I get my most creative ideas. The days I don’t get down time I feel angry and can’t wait to hide out somewhere. I guess we all need to be true to ourselves.


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