My Natural Look is Getting Close

A year ago I made the decision to skip my hair coloring appointment and listen to my heart that kept saying, “This isn’t you.” I explain more about my reasons for returning to my natural hair color in Why Go Natural?

When I originally began this journey back to my natural hair color, I hoped it would be a quick process. After a year of letting it grow out and cutting my hair shorter, I still have about two-three inches of colored hair. So, maybe another six months and then I will be completely natural. It is taking longer than I hoped, but it feels like me and so far, I have received lots of positive feedback which feels good. My natural hair is darker than the colored with gray highlights – maybe not the look everyone is looking for, but it fits me.

8 thoughts on “My Natural Look is Getting Close

  1. Cathy, it looks great and you were my inspiration this last time to NOT color my hair. What is funny is when my students ask me if I colored my hair recently. I ask them why, doesn’t the gray show through enough to show its natural? They think it is funny!


  2. You know how I feel about this…it looks great!

    Mine hair has been color-free for about two years now, and I’ve been growing it out for about 7 months. I think by the end of the year, it will be close the the length I want.


  3. You look so pretty!! I don’t see that much grey in your hair anyway. The last couple of times I colored mine I still see the grey popping through. Maybe my hair is telling me something??


  4. As I get older and start to get these circles under my eyes I begin to look at myself and think maybe now that I am 40 I should wear makeup. I put it on and then I look at myself and I don’t even recognize myself I feel like a made up doll. Usually I will try to leave it on and get use to it but it is really not me. I have to wear the mascara because my eyelashes are saggy but the rest of it is not me. Do I need to be like every other woman and wear make up or just be my beautiful self without it. You are beautiful with every strand of gray hair you get. Every gray hair tells a story of what you have dealt with in life be proud of who you are because you are beautiful I know this because you are my sister.


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