Things I am most proud of in my life:
~The parenting choices my husband and I have made for raising our children
~The educational philosophies we have adopted for educating our children in freedom
~My husband and the relationship we continue to build on after almost 21 years together
~My ability to trust in my husband, my children, my body and life in general

We had a stressful weekend dealing with issues new to our family. The good news? By talking, sharing and respecting each other, we learned from this experience and grew tighter as a family.

Yesterday evening, Sophia, who survives on family togetherness, suggested we get out of the house and enjoy nature. She knew this would further tie us together and give us time to let the the negativity of the weekend leave us so we could concentrate on what matters most to us in life – each other!

We are very fortunate to have a beautiful downtown area within five miles of our house. So, on this beautiful evening, we walked, we held hands, we laughed, and we felt complete again.

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  1. From what Ive been able to gather from your recent posts, you have a beautiful family. I really respect the effort that is being put into your kids unschooling, and the obvious appreciation of nature is wonderful to see in this automobile-oriented world.

    I really like you comments of trust, especially trusting your own body. I think for those of us with chronic illness, that is something difficult to achieve (I myself am still working on it.)


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