Have You Noticed This On Blogs?

Yesterday morning I was on my blog and noticed several words double underlined. It wasn’t something I had linked to which made me curious and I clicked on it. It took me to an advertisement. Within minutes after that, I received what looked like a warning that I had several viruses on my computer and was prompted to run a file to get rid of them. I INSTANT MESSAGED Steve who then did a “shareview” where he can gain control of my computer while he is at work and figure out my problems. (It is great when you have no interest in fixing your own computer problems!) He said the warning was a fake and if I had run the file, I could have received the virus. He then ran a scan to double check everything and I am happy to say that I am free of any viruses. I have tried finding the problem listed with Blogger but can’t find anything and can’t find how to report the problem. I have seen the same double underlined words on other blogs. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Update: I guess we have somehow installed a spyware from Gamevance that is causing the problems. Not the easiest thing to get rid of. 😦

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