Easter 2009

Easter 2009 was a little different than past years. This was the first year neither one of my kids believed in the Easter Bunny. The kids still went to bed early and we still “played” Easter Bunny, but the excitement of waking up super early wasn’t there this year. Although I missed the “magic” of the season and feel fortunate they both believed for so long, it was nice to not have to be so careful in every step we made preparing for this day.

Alexander and Steve checking out the Far Side book from the Easter Bunny.

Steve helps Sophia with her new Lego kit from the Easter Bunny.

The completed Lego house.

This was our first year of eating out on Easter. We enjoyed it.

Our family!

Sophia, in her new Easter shirt and me.

We drove to Red Oak Nature Center. Izzy snuggled with Alexander on the ride over.

We started taking this annual Easter walk about 4-5 years ago.

Sophia, Izzy and I investigate this small cave together.

Sophia, Cathy and Alexander at Red Oak Nature Center.

The whole family. We had a great day of enjoying the warm weather, conversation and quiet time together.
I hope you enjoyed your day too!

4 thoughts on “Easter 2009

  1. It looks like you guys had a fun day! Fortunately for me, Ezie, Mallory and Jace all still believe in the Easter Bunny. I think Ezie has been in the limbo area for a couple of years, but isn’t quite ready to accept it all. I love Sophia’s lego house and the pictures of all of you are great!Missing you!Sherry


  2. You had perfect weather for that walk, huh? Good thing the rain waited a day.Where did y’all eat? Look for as many GF ideas as I can come up with, I’m really struggling lately.


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