Going in a Good Direction

At Izzy’s last vet appointment, we were told she needs to do more exercises to stretch and strengthen her right hind leg. Although she isn’t ready for ball throwing and playing with her best friend Bella, she does need to get up and move. More walking is high on the “to do” list. So, Izzy and I have been adding about 15 minutes or more to our regular walks in the morning.

As we were walking the other day, I thought about my own body and how walking is not only strengthening Izzy’s knee, but also my knee and all the muscles surrounding it that are going to help keep the knee strong. I thought about how my chiropractor has suggested that my knee has learned a new pattern of not being worked and I have to retrain it. I thought about how my visualization skills are really improving and whenever I feel a pain or sorry for myself, I visualize the me I want to be and remember that “now” is only temporary.

My spirits have really improved the last two weeks. The swelling is staying down at a pretty regular basis. It has a little bit to go but is about 50% there. So, I feel good. I feel like things are headed in a good direction and I like that.

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