Copy Cat

We have a copycat in the house. Unfortunately, I am not the only one in the house limping and struggling to get up the stairs. A week ago Thursday, Izzy, our two year old border collie, started limping. We aren’t sure what happened but we could tell her right hind leg was in pain. Rather than trying to walk on it, she spent most of her time sleeping. However, by the end of the weekend, she seemed to be getting better so I cancelled the appointment with the vet. Then, Tuesday night, we could tell she was still struggling to get up so we scheduled another appointment. After taking her to our holistic vet, we found out she has a torn ligament in her knee. She was able to do an adjustment that day and will have to return for future chiropractic visits. She also put her on glucosomine (I am now sharing my supplements with our dog) and boswellia for the inflammation. Hopefully my little shadow will be feeling better soon.

*New Plan: After a week of massage and visualizing positive images, I am seeing great results in my knee. The swelling is actually going down!!!

2 thoughts on “Copy Cat

  1. That is so great to hear Cathy. I did that for quite awhile too, I visualized all the strong healthy cells ganging up on the weak, stressed cells. Seemed to have worked 🙂


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