Organic Millet/Buckwheat Pillow

For Christmas, Steve bought me a pillow. It isn’t an ordinary pillow. It is made of organic buckwheat and millet. The first night was weird because I had this feeling that I was sleeping on a bag of rice from my food coop. However, it is really comfortable.
Here is what the Pillow Company has to say about the pillow:
Millet hull Night Pillows are found all over Europe where they have been used for centuries. Buckwheat hull Night Pillows come from Asia, where they have been known for centuries as well. Then there are rice hull pillows in Japan and spelt hull pillows in Germany. All hull pillows share the exact same benefits despite their very different texture: The weight of your head cannot press the air out of the pillow (as happens with all other traditional pillows) so hull pillows retain the same height night after night for years of use. Your spine is aligned in the correct position, your neck muscles can relax, and you awaken without headaches or shoulder neck tightness.
I never would have imagined this pillow would be so comfortable. I can use it to prop myself up in a sitting position when reading in bed or move it around to find the perfect position for my head to sleep at night. The only problem – it is heavy. Last week both my wrists were swollen. You know the type? When you can barely lift your tea cup with two hands. Sophia was sick and wanted me to sleep in her room. I had to ask her to carry my pillow for me. She said, “Mom, this pillow is not arthritis friendly.” For swollen wrists that want to carry the pillow, she is right. However, most nights, it is wonderful!

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