Home Remedy for Removing a Wart

For the last year or so, Alexander has been wearing a wart on his hand. We decided to do an experiment and see if we could get rid of it without having to visit the doctor’s office. Twice a day for about three weeks, we have dabbed a cotton ball with Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar and secured it on Alexander’s wart with a band-aid. Slowly, the wart has shrunk until now it is only a speck. Pretty cool, huh?

5 thoughts on “Home Remedy for Removing a Wart

  1. Neat trick! To bad Stacey didn’t know about that one when she was a teenager!! Mallory kept getting head lice in school and I would shampoo it with the lice shampoo. Her poor head and hair would get so dry and it still wasn’t working. I put mayo all over her hair and then put a plastic bag around her hair and kept it there for at least 2 hours. The lice problem went away and her hair was so soft again!Sherry


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