This Treasure of Mine

I have this treasure.

This treasure of mine is the sunshine of my day.

This treasure of mine wakes up in the morning and heads straight to me each and every morning for a hug.

This treasure of mine gets up numerous times a day to check on our dog so I don’t have to.

This treasure of mine grabs the grocery bags when we are shopping so I don’t have to carry them.

This treasure of mine greets me at the door with a smile whether I am coming back from a walk or returning from work.

This treasure of mine will tell his friends, “I will be right back”, so that he can kiss me good-bye.

This treasure of mine knows me so well that even when I say, “Nothing is wrong,” he knows something is and will just listen without giving advice.

This treasure of mine sets his alarm on his watch to remind me when I need to wake from a nap.
This treasure of mine called me his “tiny little momma” the other night. I loved that.

This treasure of mine will walk with me anytime I ask.

This treasure of mine enjoys sharing a cup of tea with me morning, day or night.

This treasure of mine is like no other.

This treasure of mine is my 12 year old son Zandy (Alexander). On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday he was sick with a fever and headache. Although I have always been fully aware of how lucky I am to have this guy, I have been more aware the last few days when all he wanted to do was sleep. I am hoping today brings health back to my treasure.

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