Friends for Izzy

Yeah, I have been a little into Izzy lately. I think that like us, she is starting to experience some cabin fever and we are both dreaming about some outdoor outings together exploring new forest preserves and excited to start seeing friends venture out of their houses again as we take walks through the neighborhood. (We are fine with bikers staying home though) But, until it warms up a bit, she is fine visiting her friend Bella, another border collie.

With snow melting and backyards being muddy, they have both missed their time together. We try to do several play dates a week, but when it is muddy, I avoid it. I have had to give both dogs baths too many times.

Bella had a 10 day house guest – a five month old golden retriever, Yogi. Wow! I am glad we are past that energy. (I think Bella is too. She definitely enjoys her quiet time alone and kept trying to find little areas of the yard to sit alone) He is absolutely adorable but very clumsy with very little patience. It makes me realize how much patience Izzy has gained in her two years of life.

For the most part, the three dogs got along well. The only problem was when Yogi accidentally stepped on Izzy’s tail. In her dominant way, she let him know that wasn’t okay and then they were back to playing. I love to see her pouncing around playing with others.

One thought on “Friends for Izzy

  1. I’m glad I’m past my dog’s puppy energy too. It’s fun when you’ve got just as much energy, but sometimes I just can’t believe how much spirit golden retrievers and labs (I’ve had both) can have when they’re young. My dogs were always able to play with other dogs regularly, and it was great for them and for me. There was a park not a 1/4 mile from my house growing up, and everyone in the neighborhood would bring their dogs and let them run off leash. Clint


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