RA Update

I saw the chiropractor on Thursday and it was a very encouraging appointment. I let my guard down a little bit more with him on this visit and shared some of my insecurities. He reminded me that my body wants to heal and that we are getting close. I feel it too……mentally and physically. He knew without me telling him how frustrating it is to feel good for a long period of time and then to wake up with stiff joints that don’t let you accomplish what your mind wants to do. He also reminded me of how important my diet is in making all of this work. These were all words I needed to hear.

My knee seems to be responding well to the adjustments. After each visit it moves with more ease and is accepting the adjustments for a longer period of time. You start to remember how glorious it is to run down the stairs instead of taking one at a time. My middle finger is bending, even in the mornings, on a regular basis. These are the last two joints that require extra TLC. I feel very optimistic that I am getting close to my goal of living med free, pain free, and stiff joint free!

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