Groundhog Day Comes To Life

*I have two blogs that I post to regularly. This blog is pretty much for everything going on in my life and the other blog is to share more of our unschooling stories, but since unschooling is really just a part of our normal life, I sometimes don’t know which blog to post to. Since we enjoyed our Groundhog Day activities so much, I decided to share on both blogs for those that just read one or the other.

Friday night as we were watching the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, our electricity went out. Saturday morning around 6am the electricity finally came back on and after sleeping a while longer, we woke up and finished watching Groundhog Day. We also found out that the movie was filmed in Woodstock, Illinois which is only about an hour and 15 minute drive from us. So, since we planned to do something outside yesterday anyhow, my “always fun” husband printed out directions and we were headed to Woodstock to see the scenes. We found out we had just missed Woodstock’s Groundhog Day events, but with the help of a map showing where scenes occurred and plaques set up around town, we knew exactly where various events took place. All four of us loved being outside on this 55 degree day. Seeing the sites of one of our favorite movies made us feel like we had taken a little vacation from normal life for the day.

The bed and breakfast where Bill Murray’s character Phil repeatedly woke up day after day at 6:00 AM. This is a private residence but we learned it has been bought with plans to convert it to a bed and breakfast. We thought it would be so fun to rent the same room and participate in Woodstock’s Groundhog Day events. I am sure we aren’t the only people thinking that.

The exterior of this building was used as the hotel that Rita (Andie MacDowell) stayed in.

The spot where Bill Murray stepped into a pothole in the street that was filled with water.

Bill Murray met up with the character Ned day after day at this location. Sophia decided to reenact this scene.

In one scene, Bill Murray shows up at this theatre dressed as Clint Eastwood.

As Bill Murray’s character Phil becomes a more caring person, he tries to save a homeless man in this alley.

The bowling alley where Phil realizes he doesn’t have to follow the rules anymore. This was the smallest bowling alley we have ever seen with maybe six lanes.

Steve and I could not resist doing the dance scene in the gazebo.

And Sophia and I couldn’t resist either. We weren’t the only ones. We saw another couple doing the same thing.

Phil decides to commit suicide by jumping from this window…..only to wake up again at 6:00 the next morning.

*Photos taken by Sophia

4 thoughts on “Groundhog Day Comes To Life

  1. That sounds like a really fun little excursion. I’ve visted a bunch of filming sites in my area, and it’s always fun to sort of re-enact scenes. My favorite thing, though, was following the events of a couple of my favorite books when I was traveling in Europe. I really want to go to Dublin and trace Leopold Bloom’s steps.Clint


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