Cateepoo is Joining the World Again

January is my down time month. I read lots of books, knit, and watch LOTS of TV. Besides getting out for a daily walk or taking the kids sledding, I am pretty much either laying/sitting down and honestly, I don’t feel too guilty about it. After the busy days of summer and fall and then the excitement of Christmas, I always look forward to this month because it means lots of time spent cuddling with my family and giving my body a chance to recharge.

Tomorrow night I start back to work. This is my sign that my down time is over and it is time to return to a schedule. I feel like I have had the perfect amount of time for my body to recharge and now I see the signs that my body is looking forward to getting back to a normal life. The first of the signs showed themselves on Saturday when I did a big cleanup of the house, Sunday I woke up and just felt ready to get back to a yoga schedule and felt great after doing it, and last night I started looking around the house and noticing things that need to be sorted and dusted. Also, last night when we were watching TV, I felt bored. I kept getting up and stretching or finding little things to do around the house and this morning when I got on the computer, I heard a voice inside say, “I don’t want to spend hours with you today.”

I think our bodies are amazing things. When we listen to them, they know when we need down time and they know when we are ready to get energized again. I feel excited joining the world again but also know when next January comes around, I will soak in all the down time I can get.

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