The Feast of St. Agnes

My mom sent me a beautiful email today sharing with me that today is The Feast of St. Agnes. This is a special day for me because I was blessed by my mom when I was born with a beautiful role model named Agnes who was also my godmother. As an elderly woman and devote Catholic, she took this job very seriously and brought so much joy into my life.

I remember many things about Agnes. She was always old with lots of beautiful wrinkles, she always sent me $5 for my birthday and always had a special gift for me at Christmas, she loved game shows and sat in her back room listening to them at top volume hollering out answers, she made incredible banana bread, she loved to have me visit her and would have kept me there forever if my mom hadn’t rescued me, she was very independent and loved politics. I remember swinging on the porch swing with her and her sister Ruby who lived next door and how at night she was always on the lookout for her cat named Tom. I remember one summer visiting at her house and she took me shopping. We bought a sparkly t-shirt that I absolutely loved. I felt so special because she just told me to find whatever it was that I wanted. I remember she loved putting puzzles together and one summer while visiting we worked on one together. I still remember her house and the special room she had decorated for my visits. When I was 16 and able to drive, her house was one of the first places I went alone.

One of my favorite memories is when I made my confirmation. She was my sponsor and oh so excited to have that role. Somehow she got confused as we were heading up to the priest and wasn’t there with me. She was about three people behind me!!! I don’t know that she ever realized it. I remember being totally embarrassed during the ceremony and then going home and my mom sharing with me how special the day had been for Agnes. I remember even then thinking that was what really mattered about the day.

When I was 17, Agnes died. I knew then what I still know today which is I have been very blessed to have such a strong role model in my life and that this woman who never had children of her own, loved me to the full extent.

3 thoughts on “The Feast of St. Agnes

  1. Cathy – Wow. What a wonderful posting. I have tears in my eyes just reading it. I remember many of the same things you do about Agnes. I also remember many things about her house and how there were no hallways – only doors going from room to room. I had forgotten about Tom the cat and Ruby. Agnes was a very special lady in many ways. You are right – you are blessed. Mike


  2. Agnes was a wonderful lady! I got teary eyed reading your post too. I think of her often. I remember anything we said we liked she’d write our name on the back of it so we could have it when she died. I remember it seemed like she was always looking for Tom. Do you have her desk? I know she always wanted you to have that. We were all blessed to have know Agnes.Love you!Sherry


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