Resist the Starbucks Mocha!

Before eliminating dairy and coffee from my diet four years ago, I used to love drinking a Starbucks mocha. Steve even made them for me at home using our Starbucks espresso machine. After eliminating both coffee and dairy for a while, my body had the strength to tell me that it prefers not to consume either of these by giving me an upset stomach when I am a bad girl and consume either. Knowing it will only give me an upset stomach and I will regret it afterwards, I am still craving a Starbucks mocha. The other day when I took Alexander in to buy a gift card for his dad’s birthday, I was almost tempted to buy a mocha, but resisted and came home and made a cup of tea. Yesterday the craving was still there but again I resisted and had a hot cup of chocolate almond milk instead. This morning, Alexander and Steve came home from Starbucks with a cup of coffee for Steve and a hot chocolate for Alexander. The smells are killing me.

People are often surprised to learn that coffee was the most difficult for me to eliminate from my diet. Gluten, dairy, tomatoes, etc were all easier. Coffee draws me in with it’s aroma and tricks me into believing it will give me a feeling of warmth and togetherness as it has been something I have shared with my family since I was a little girl. The reality is I will end up with a nauseated stomach. So, I will keep on drinking my tea this morning and hope this craving passes soon.

11 thoughts on “Resist the Starbucks Mocha!

  1. I think coffee is like a comfort drink for us. It was always a part of our family life since we were little. Sometimes coffee really bothers my stomache, but tea just rips it apart. I can only drink hot tea if I put sugar in it and then only a little. Good Luck!Sherry


  2. One of my favorite teas to drink is holy basil (tulsi) tea. I can’t have caffeine, and so I cannot have chocolate. This is really hard for me because I love chocolate… really just love it… but I have been having problems recently because I started eating it again. So once again, I must cut it out. I have heard that raw cacao is actually really healthy and that people don’t have the side effects from it like they do when they eat chocolate that has been heated and processed.


  3. Heather, I am so sorry about the chocolate also. That really stinks. Honestly, I am not supposed to have it either and try to really limit it because if I have it a few times a week, I can feel it. My naturopath had me on magnisium for a long time which really did help with the cravings I used to have.


  4. I have a really hard time resisting Starbucks. I still fold half the time. 🙂At home though, I drink tea rather than coffee. Online tea vendors like Upton Tea Importers have made it really easy for me to get my hands on interesting teas.Clint


  5. Thanks Heather, I will give it a try. My only concern in trying teas that support the immune system is sometimes they get my immune system going too much and it causes a flare-up. Kombucha and Yerba mate both help the immune system and cause flare-ups. Maybe it gets my immune system going too much and it attacks itself. 😦 I am going to try it anyhow. I will let you know how it goes.


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