Happy Birthday Steve

Happy Birthday to my husband Steve today!

Today is Steve’s birthday. When I look at this picture of him with his mom and our two beautiful kids, lots of things go through my mind besides what a beautiful picture this is and the nice time we had when his mom visited over the summer. Many times in the last few years I have heard, “We choose the parents we have.” Isn’t that interesting that we choose our parents? They provide something that we need and we choose them to be the ones? So, it seems appropriate on this day, the day of Steve’s birth, to “thank” both his parents. I have to “thank” them because this guy of mine is one in a million and they played a part in that. Thank you Sheryl and Charles.

This picture also makes me think of what a beautiful father Steve is to our children. Each day when he comes home from work, the kids greet him at the door, excited that he is home. He includes them in his life and makes them feel like the most important people in his life, which they are. At the end of the day all four of us discuss our favorite parts of the day and his is always when he gets home with us.

I am not included in this picture because I am the photographer in this one. However, sometimes I prefer to be the outsider that just listens in. I love hearing the beautiful laughter that comes from my husband with our kids, to hear the funny jokes they create together, to hear him patiently explain things to them and ask for their input. I just love it. Plus, I know that Steve will always make time for me. For 21 years we have been together – 20 of those married! Each morning I wake up thankful that I have been so lucky to have married my best friend! Happy birthday Steve! You have made a big difference in this world.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Steve

  1. Happy Birthday Steve! Cathy, you and I both hit the jackpot. Oh sure at times Jerry irritates me, but tonight he made his famous gooey cheese sandwiches & played WII with the kids & hearing their laughter well, you said it best…sometimes, I like to just listen in!


  2. You are a lucky ducky to have a guy for a husband who does spend time with and laugh with your children. My children’s father never did that, and now that they are grown up, they never visit him. He earned his reward. Happy birthday, to a wonderful man, who even though I don’t know him, I know is a great Dad.


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