Good-bye Microwave!

About a month ago, the door on our microwave started sticking so that it became a two handed job to open it. Over the weekend, it completely pooped out on us. We bought this microwave ten years ago when we moved to Illinois. Although its job was to warm food, it has taken up room on a table we could have used other places in the house and is constantly being used as a place to store games, papers, etc. Plus, it always seems to need to be cleaned out which I always forget to do. Yuck!

In the last ten years, I have read several interesting articles about the hazards of microwaves which has caused us to reduce the amount of microwave usage we do. So, needless to say, I am not too torn up that our microwave bit the dust.

We are excited to replace the microwave with a toaster oven. We have been without a toaster for several years and used the oven for toasting gluten free waffles and bread. However, I always feel guilty with the energy used to heat up the oven. We are planning on buying a convection toaster oven so we can use it in place of the oven for smaller meals. A few friends have recommended Delonghi as a good brand. Any other recommendations?

7 thoughts on “Good-bye Microwave!

  1. Just got back from the store looking for a new toaster oven and I didn’t find one. I wish I knew one to recommend. Mine is many years old and now it doesn’t stay on but a second to toast the bread, so I keep turning it on and on…then when I come home it worked just fine! Please let us know what you find.


  2. I love toaster ovens, but I would really miss our microwave. I like to bake cookies in the toaster oven. It makes nine cookies at a time. Enough for everyone to have a couple of nice fresh cookies without having to bake a bunch of them.Sherry


  3. Just want to recommend always unplugging your toaster oven when your not using it. We were down in the basement one day when we smelt something burning but nobody was cooking anything, it was the toaster oven it had started on fire right at the plug. thank God we were home we only replaced it with a toaster but always unplug it when not using it.


  4. Delonghi is a great brand Cathy & use caution as some toaster ovens get so hot they will burn the cabinet or wall behind them. We used ceramic trivets to set ours on after we how hot the counter top got.Kudo's for sacking the microwave, I am told to keep them in the garage if you need to use one.


  5. I would love to stop using the microwave, yet I just can’t imagine doing so. 🙂 I don’t think we had a microwave until I was in Jr. High, so life does exist with out one. You are encouraging me to depend on mine less.


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