Making Change Through Commitments

I start each day by reading Deepak Chopra’s daily devotions. I have them pretty much memorized but as different things are occurring in my life, the daily devotions tend to take on new meaning for me. I enjoy reading them daily because they give me a foundation to work with, something to focus on throughout my day.

After reading Chopra’s writings, I always feel a power to make change. He reminds his readers often that we each have a special and unique gift to give this world and our goal is always to focus on that gift and work towards giving it often.

Chopra also puts out a monthly newsletter. This month he is celebrating commitment. He says by “simply taking the small step today to commit to one thing within your sphere of influence can change the world forever.” Wow! That is powerful I think. To find your commitment, he says to just close your eyes and let your heart guide you to where you need to be. After figuring out what your commitment is going to be, write it down. By writing down your commitment, you are strengthening your intention. The final step is to share your commitment with others to make it more tangible. He suggests sharing it with ten other people before going to bed. So, I would like to share my commitment with you.

I commit to really listening to my heart. To let my heart guide me in the decisions I make with and for my family, the decisions I make regarding friends, money, health or any other circumstance in my life. I commit to trusting that my heart has always led me down paths that feel right for me and it is only when I let outside influences (peer pressure, fears, hurt, etc) play a part in my decisions that I feel I am not making a change for the better in this world.

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