New Year and New Health Journey Update

Happy New Year!
First, I want to share an update on my appointment. Yesterday morning I spent two hours with my new chiropractor who is definitely not your average chiropractor. He is very alternative which is just what I like! We discussed nutrition, digestion, blood type, past traumas, etc, etc. He is very encouraging of me being off meds. He explained meds to me like this – when we use meds, they numb the neurotransmitters (hopefully the right word) so we don’t feel pain. However, our bodies are very smart and after a while, new neurotransmitters evolve as a way to warn us that the problem still exists. Generally at this point, we go on stronger meds that again numb the neurotransmitters for a time and the patten continues. He said that by the time I went off my meds, so many neurotransmitters had evolved that my body was basically in shock and had to work through a lot to remember the capabilities it has. Pretty cool, huh?

He continued working on my knee until he felt I was no longer walking like a “peglegged pirate” and even had my middle finger bending by the time I left. He warned me there could be a lot of pain the next few days but that has been my experience after any body work. By last night I was feeling pretty beat up and tired. But, I feel very optimistic. I believe with any practitioner you have, you have to feel a connection to him/her for the relationship and treatment to be successful. I felt that way immediately with this new chiropractor. I feel like this is the next path in this journey that I am supposed to take.

Now, onto the New Year. We had a great time last night despite feeling very worn down. My brother-in-law Joe and his beautiful wife Hilary joined us for dinner and games. We play several rounds of Scattergories and Catch Phrase until it was time to watch the countdown. Being home surrounded by family was a perfect way to ring in 2009. I feel excited that this is going to be a good year for all of us.

Best wishes to all of you this year.


6 thoughts on “New Year and New Health Journey Update

  1. I feel the same about my doctor’s if I don’t have a good relationship with them I have a hard time trusting them….especially since I’m the one getting poked and prodded.I will follow your journey with your chiro. I’m just about done with doctoring at this point and it’s been mentioned repeatedly that I should try a chiro…it’s on my radar.


  2. What a wonderful beginning to the year. Optimism and connections are so very important in this journey we have found ourselves on. May you be blessed in 2009…..


  3. I totally agree with you and your chiro. You are an inspiration to others. Likewise I am fascinated by all the conditions I find people treating with the gluten-free diet, like MS and CP. I used to have terrible anxiety, panic attacks and depression, all of which have gone away with the diet as well. Very interesting. Happy New Year! Cheers, Kelly


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