Christmas was Perfect!

Christmas was perfect! I hope your day was just as great as ours.
Christmas Eve
On Christmas Eve we made gluten free ginger snap cut-out cookies for Santa and added a cup of cider to wash them down.

Christmas Morning Sophia started waking up around 4AM. She is ALWAYS the first to wake up. We all agreed to go downstairs at 6AM so she laid down with me for two hours. We giggled and whispered our excitement until Steve was forced to put his earplugs in.

Izzy found her stocking right away.

Yep, she was right. Santa did leave her a filled kong! How lucky for us!

Santa left Sophia a huge wolf. She has tons of smaller stuffed animals but really wanted a big one to snuggle with. This one is so soft.

Santa left Alexander a spring assisted knife – just what he wanted. That Santa always knows just the right gifts.

Sibling Exchange With six siblings, we have always done a gift exchange. This year my younger sister Robyn and her family painted a beautiful picture frame with snowmen and they gave us a dvd of Bridge to Terabithia and the game Scattergories which we played for hours on Christmas day. Thanks!

Gifts from the kids
For me, Sophia crotcheted a pink and purple bag and Alexander made a wall hanging with “MOM”. They are both perfect!

Alexander wood burned a magnet for Steve….

while Sophia was busy crotcheting a coaster for Steve’s cups at the computer………

and designed a great guitar pick box so Izzy can’t get to his picks and eat them.

After the Gifts were Opened
We kept thinking Sophia’s new wolf, Dasher, was our dog Izzy. So, Sophia decided to take some fun pictures of them together.

Sophia has been reading about Kit, a 1930’s American Girl. Like Kit, she loves to write. What she wanted to experience was typing. Finding a typewriter wasn’t easy, but it was found on Freecyle!

Alexander got busy playing a new Wii game – Animal Crossing. This morning I am going to create my own house in the game.

Thanks for all the other wonderful gifts we received this year. Having each one of you a part of our lives continues to be a great gift that we cherish each and every day.


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