Let It Snow

Here in the Chicago area we experienced a day of continuous snow. The temperature was in the 20’s, I believe, which felt almost warm after our frigid temperatures on Sunday and Monday.

Around 9PM and just after watching THE POLAR EXPRESS, all four of us were sitting in the dark around the lighted Christmas tree sharing our excitement for Christmas. During the day Steve and Alexander had completed some last minute surprise shopping and all the gifts were bagged under the tree. The tree now looked ready for some fun. Outside the window, the sky was lit up, almost like it was daytime. We couldn’t resist! We all bundled up, leashed Izzy, and took a late night walk in about five or more inches of snow. Maybe I should have taken my camera to share the evening with you, but I just wanted to take in the beauty of this magical night without any responsibilities.

The sky was so lit up that we could see everything. The kids ran from snow shoveled hill to snow shoveled hill. They left their mark in neighbor’s yards with snow angels and boot marks. They were like little kids that have been stuck inside for too long. Izzy loved every scent! Steve and I wondered what makes snow so desirable for dogs. It was like she couldn’t take in enough of the new smells. I joked that she thought she was one of Santa’s reindeer the way she was pulling me from house to house. Neighbors had their windows open with beautiful trees wishing us “Merry Christmas”. The snow continued to fall on our faces the entire walk which made the evening just that much more magical. What a perfect Christmas evening.

Merry Christmas to all of you! Wishing you a wonderful holiday!


2 thoughts on “Let It Snow

  1. Ilex is like that, too. She has to smell everything, then she scoops up the snow to eat and then she rolls in it and looks at you like she’s so proud of herself!I just wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. I hope it’s a safe and happy holiday for all of you!


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