Here I Go Again

Maybe the stress of the week did catch up with me or maybe it is the change in the weather here in Chicago. Whatever it is, I am now officially in a heavy duty flare-up. I just want to cry. This is the most frustrating thing about rheumatoid arthritis- just when you think you have a normal life again, it is interrupted by a day without the ability to do much at all. You know you need to move to keep the joints from stiffening up even more but because of the things the flare-up is doing to your body, you are completely wiped out after doing one small task like walking downstairs to get a cup of tea.

Okay, I need to put my flare-up plan into action. It works almost 100% of the time.
1. Feel sorry for myself.
2. Have a good cry.
3. Get mad at this thing for trying to take over my life.
4. Decide to fight back.
5. Repeat my mantra, “My body is always working towards optimal health.”
6. Visualize my body without any flare-ups, just moving about with ease.
7. Feel better!

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