Christas Tradition – Ornaments

Every year since the kids were babies, I have given them one new ornament for the tree each year. The ornament is supposed to signify an interest they had during the year. My original hope was that when they have a tree of their own, they will be able to fill it with memories from their past.

This year for Alexander I found a really cool revolver ornament. I loved the surprised look on Alexander’s face.

Since Sophia has been totally immersed in gerbils since this summer, I found a cute wooden gerbil ornament. They wood burned Sooty and Pumpkin’s name of the front. She keeps looking at it and saying, “I just love this ornment.”

Alexander also made ornments for us. He jigsawed a “M” for Mom, “D” for Dad, and “S” for Sophia. Thanks Zandy!

*This is my 100th Post!!!! Who knew I had so much to say?

3 thoughts on “Christas Tradition – Ornaments

  1. I give each one of my grandchildren an ornament each year for Christmas. When my grandson, Michael was in Guam (my son is in the Air Force) I sent him a Santa Claus in a rowboat.


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