Monday – A Perfect Christmas Preparation Day

This year Steve took off the Friday, Monday and Tuesday after Thanksgiving. We have decided this is how we want to do it every year. With Thanksgiving over, everything just feels calm.

On Monday morning we woke up to snow which required snuggling in a blanket next to the warm body of Izzy!

I tried a new gluten free recipe – sweet potato cranberry bread. I used canned pumpkin instead of sweet potatoes and leftover cranberry sauce I bought from Whole Foods. It was out of this world. Very moist and delicious. It is a perfect holiday bread.

The kids went sledding at a hill about 2 minutes walking distance from our house.

One of the many things I love about Steve is how he includes the kids in projects around the house. Alexander has been helping Steve put the tree up since he was about three years old.

This is our first year of putting lights on the house. The kids are so excited.

Sophia bought candy canes to put around the tree. She was in charge of this project.


Several years ago Alexander started putting lights around the tree in our front yard. I have always loved this because it is so simple.

Alexander did a lighting presentation in the evening.

Monday night we also decorated the tree. Sophia was able to put the star on the tree since Steve can still lift her – barely.

We can always count on Steve to make us laugh. Here he is pretending to drink out of his Starbucks ornament.

My little angels.

Our Christmas tree is very similiar to the tree I grew up with. It is artificial and cluttered with ornaments that are not at all evenly balanced on the tree. I love it! The kids always enjoy finding the perfect spot for each ornament and each ornament has a story behind it that brings such wonderful memories of friends and family.

2 thoughts on “Monday – A Perfect Christmas Preparation Day

  1. Your tree looks beautiful!! I am actually excited to put our tree up this year. We never have the room and the tree is more of an annoyance than a part of the celebration. This year we will plenty of room and it is going to be joyous!!


  2. I haven’t had a Christmas tree in about 8 years. I really was tired of putting one up, when it was just me and FabGrandpa in the house, it just reminded me that my kids were gone. I don’t miss it at all. This year, we are selling trees, and it is fun to see the families come in with small children, all excited to be getting the tree.


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