Museum of Science and Industry

On Saturday, we went to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Our plan was to stay no longer than two hours and that is what we did. Our other plan was to see the inside of the submarine, but unfortunately, the tickets were sold out.

We haven’t visited the submarine since they moved it inside three years ago and added a whole new WWII exhibit. So, we were still in for a treat.

A volunteer latched onto us immediately and when he found out this was an interest of Alexander’s, he walked us through several of the exhibits. He said, “You will know more about torpedoes than anyone in your school.” I laughed and told him Sophia was the only other one in our school and he already knew more about torpedoes than her. We really appreciated the time this volunteer spent with us! It definitely added to our visit.

A very small kitchen. They displayed a list of food carried on a submarine for 100 days.

Sleeping arrangements do not look too comfy.

Overall, we enjoyed getting out and learning some new things over the weekend.

4 thoughts on “Museum of Science and Industry

  1. I was just telling my husband a couple of nights ago about our vacation to Chicago when I was 12 and how much we all loved the Museum of Science and Industry. We spent an entire day and I’m not sure we saw it all. It was so much fun.We’re going to plan a trip back when Kat gets a little older. Some of her favorite shows on TV are on the Science Channel and I know she’ll love this museum. 🙂


  2. Annie, it is a nice museum. We are fortunate to live close so we can take advantage of free days or days like Saturday where my husband’s work paid for the day. It allows us to concentrate more on one area rather than feeling totally exhausted by the end of the day. However, if I was visiting, I would definitely want to see it all. My favorite museum is the Field Museum of Natural History. I love going there.


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