I’ve Been "Thanksed"

My 10 year old daughter Sophia created a special holiday blog tag called “Thanksed”. Here are the rules:
1. Give this to at least three or more other blog friends.
2. On your blog, tell who you “thanksed” and why you are thankful for them as a friend or family.
3. Leave a comment on the blogs of people you “thanksed” so they know to visit your blog and find out more.
4. Copy the rules onto your blog.
5. Copy and paste the “Happy Thanksgiving” photo. Go to “Add a Gadget” and choose “Picture”. Add a title and Sophia’s link.

I have “Thanksed” the following people:
1. I am thankful for Alexander, my son. I am thankful that even at 12 years old he wakes up each morning and gives me a hug which brightens my day. I am thankful that it doesn’t stop there. He still hugs me when I leave the house and before he goes to sleep every night.
2. I am also thankful for my new niece Ashley. We were fortunate to be Joe and Ashley’s home away from home while they were in college. They were the first family we had here in Chicago and they have brought so many happy days into our home. We are so thankful they made Chicago their home after graduating and getting married.
3. Lastly, I would like to nominate Jessica. Jessica just recently started her own blog. When we lived in Kansas, Jessica was the same age my son Alexander is now. When Sophia was born, she spent a day with me helping me to clean the house and watch Alexander. Although Jessica is grown up now, I am still thankful for that day. Now that we are hundreds of miles apart, I look forward to getting to know Jessica better through her blog.
~Sherry beat me to nominating Mallory but here is what I had to say. I am thankful for my niece Mallory. Even though she lives far away, we somehow feel the beauty of her smiles and enthusiasm for life.

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