Halloween Parties Galore

Halloween was really fun this year! We had three parties to attend, each one with it own unique feel and memories. It was fun sharing in the festivities with so many of our good friends.

On Tuesday we met up with Many Rivers Unschoolers for a Halloween party of food and playing.

Here is Alexander with his best friend Ryan. Alexander and I created his costume this year. He is Altair, the assassin from Assassin’s Creed video game. Whenever I sew something for the kids, I am always nervous. I know they have pictured something in their minds and want it just so. I was so happy when we finished the costume and Alexander looked in the mirror. He ran to me, wrapped his arms around me and said something like, “Thank you mom. I love it! Thanks for putting so much time into it.” I love this kid. He dresses like an assassin but has the heart of an angel.

This year Sophia and her friend Mckenna were a washer and dryer. Sophia spent the night at Mckenna’s house twice this month to work on costumes and then Steve helped her with some finishing touches.

Here are my darlings together.

On Thursday we joined Wild Indigo Life Learners at a Nature Center for a Halloween hike and “trick or treating”.

On Friday night, both Alexander and Sophia met up with six friends for “trick or treating” and a sleepover which involved making haunted houses, playing video games, staying up really late and more.

And just long enough for pictures we dressed Izzy in this hand me down costume! We just couldn’t resist. Poor thing! She was a good sport about it.

For me, I was asleep by 10:30 on Halloween which was nice. The next morning, Steve and I went to breakfast alone which I really enjoyed!

I hope your Halloween was as enjoyable as our Halloween!

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