Medication Update

Since I went off of Methotrexate in February, I have noticed the hair at my scalp feels thick again! Once I started taking Methotrexate, I would have large amounts of hair show up in my hands when I showered or brushed my hair. That isn’t happening anymore.

5 thoughts on “Medication Update

  1. Courtney

    Oh my gosh! That is so inspiring! I have been on methotrexate for years and have a big old bald spot on the top of my head that is getting harder and harder for me to cover!I ran into another friend who is also encouraging me to give up gluten. It seems that gluten is in everything I love!Oh dear…


  2. I agree with Karen. Going gluten free can be very intimidating at first but once you are on for a while, it gets easier and you find new foods you love. I have been gluten free for four years now. Once your body is free of gluten for a while, it gets used to being clean and will let you know that it isn’t going back to that way of life. If I eat gluten or dairy now, I feel sick to my stomach. Just my bodies way of reminding me it doesn’t want to go back.


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