The Simplest Things in Life, Weekly Edition

“I find relaxation, enjoyment, and healing in the simplest things in life. ”
Louise Hay’s Daily Affirmation
~Sophia’s first published book arrived today. She said, “I can’t believe it. It looks just like a real book.” She had a great time writing it.

~After recovering from my “What I am thinking?” moment about my natural hair color, I ran into a gal I haven’t seen in a while. I explained how I was letting my natural color return – grays and all! She said, “Oh yeah, I pluck all grays out of my hair.” I said, “Well, I would probably be bald.” She responded with, “I would rather be bald than gray.”

~We heard about a free wood carving class this week. Alexander has always wanted to do this but we haven’t found any classes for his age. I talked to the guy doing the class and he sounds great! It is basically a group of older guys that provide all the supplies and the class FREE of charge because they enjoy it. He was so proud of the boys who have been coming and said, “You should see the work they do.” I love people that appreciate kids!

~We are preparing for a Life Learner Fair with our unschooling group. Sophia and I have been reading about Kit, one of American Girls historical dolls. So, she is sharing things on The Depression. I mentioned that she didn’t have anything on the economy. She said, “I am only doing ‘cool’ things about The Depression.” (Eleanor Roosevelt, The Dust Bowl, Toys on Loan, Strikes, Canning Dandelions, etc)

~Alexander now only weighs ten pounds less than me! (Five on a good day) He is very excited about growing up and loves being taller than his momma. It is weird to all the sudden look up to your son. Oh well, he is one person in this world I do look up to.

~My naturopath set me up with a homeschooling mom who also has rheumatoid arthritis. In my four and a half years with an RA diagnosis, I have never actually met another person with RA. It was great to sit at the coffee shop and share stories. Although my family and friends do their best to understand the physical, emotional and mental stress of this disease, it was a relief to talk to someone that immediately knew what I was going to say. She is a wonderful person with a great support system. I am looking forward to our next visit.

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