A Day In Chicago

Yesterday morning I had an appointment with my naturopath, Judy. Her office is smack downtown Chicago so Sophia and I woke up early, took the Metra in, rode the water taxi to Michigan Ave. and then walked the rest of the route to Judy’s office – all by 9:30am.

My original excitement about the day was in seeing Judy. She motivates me and gives me the strength to continue on this gluten & dairy free path to health. Also, the little girl inside me wanted Judy to say, “I am so proud of you.” She didn’t disappoint me.

However, my true excitement ended up being the time I spent with Sophia. I know all mothers love their children, but I honestly just really like Sophia and enjoy spending time with her over just about anyone else.

Sophia has something very special about her. She loves life and makes it addictive. She loves to smile at strangers because they will smile back and feel happy, she notices people’s facial expressions and voices, she is thrilled by the wind blowing in her face and her smile makes me want to endlessly watch her.

After my appointment we checked out the new location of The American Girl Place and have decided in the near future we are going to make another trip downtown and bring her American Girl doll Kirsten, so we can eat at the AG restaurant, which we have never done. I am looking forward to that day as much as I do everyday with my pretty little girl.

3 thoughts on “A Day In Chicago

  1. Anonymous

    Maybe when I’m visiting in Nov we could make that trip to AG and have lunch? wouldn’t that be fun? Glad the two of you had such a precious memorable day. Love you lots. Mom


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