The Simplest Things In Life, Weekly Edition

I find relaxation, enjoyment, and healing in the simplest things in life.

~I was so touched to have inspired a new blogger friend this week to get out and take photos, something she really enjoys and has missed. Thanks Raandme for the very thoughtful post and this wonderful photo!

~Monday was productive. I filed seven months of paperwork, we juiced every edible fruit/vegetable in our refrigerator (carrots, kale, beets, apples, lime) for lunch and threw the rest out, and we created a meal out of hamburger, potatoes and egg for dinner so we wouldn’t have to go shopping and it was delicious.

~Izzy, Sophia and I are back to our 45 minute walks in the morning. Izzy needs and loves these longer walks. Me too! I love morning walks when everything is so fresh still.

~I have always enjoyed my part-time evening job, but as I am feeling better, I realize how much more fun it is to go and work with adults who find excitement in learning!

~Listening to Alexander (12) explain “The Big Bang Theory” to Sophia (10) as she asked very intellectual questions and then ended with “I think it would be cool if tiny elves created the world.”

~Roasting marshmellows in the backyard firepit.

~Taking Izzy for a walk early Saturday morning and being surrounded by fog.

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