My Pink Laptop

Two weeks ago one of our two laptops died and there is no bringing it back. It served us well. We bought it used four years ago for $200 and figured if it made it through a whole year, we were doing well. So, four years later, we have to appreciate the little Vaio.

Last year for my 40th birthday, Steve and the kids surprised me with a pink Dell laptop. My very own laptop that I didn’t have to share with anyone!!!! I could get it on when I wanted or leave it when I wanted… didn’t matter because it was always waiting for me and me alone.

Now, my pink laptop is the family laptop until we can get another one for the kids. I like to think I am not a selfish person, but when it comes to my laptop, I kind of am. I like having it all to myself. I am trying to be nice and think of it as a good time for me to do other things on my “To Do” list, but my brain isn’t buying it.

3 thoughts on “My Pink Laptop

  1. I can relate to this, too. We also had just one desktop computer until my childrn went to college and got their own and I got to have this one all to myself. And I like it that way and feel very possessive when someone else wants to use it!Thanks so much for your comment on my blog!


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