These Shoes Are Made For Walkin’

These shoes have been a lifesaver! In December, while still on meds, my feet went through another painful time. One evening I searched the internet and cried to Steve that I was going to have to resort to wearing “old lady” shoes. The next morning he sent me an email from work that he found a shoe store in Chicago that specializes in feet problems.

What a wonderful experience! The sales guy at Waxbergs spent lots of time with me and gave me some wonderful information about RA and shoes. He said I might think I need something with a lot of cushion because of the pain, but instead I needed a firm shoe that didn’t let my foot slide. He said if the foot slides, it creates more problems in a foot with arthritis. He recommmended I try a Dansko shoe that is approved by the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association). With Steve’s encouragement, I bought two pairs of shoes that day and then these wonderful sandals that I have worn every single day this spring and summer. My feet have never felt better. Thank you Waxberg salesman. You did more for my feet in one visit than my rheumatologist did in four years of medication!

6 thoughts on “These Shoes Are Made For Walkin’

  1. I think good shoes are important. For me, it’s New Balance cross trainers. I used to think New Balance shoes were ugly, but after wearing my first pair, I got over that idea. And they have improved their style in recent years.Glad you have some shoes that work well for you. I’ve never tried Dansko but I hear great things about them.


  2. Question…I had wide feet before RA, now I end up buying extra wide shoes. I would like to try Dansko, but noticed there was no wide option. How do you think they fit on wider feet? Really, a man at a shoe store looked at my feet and said I have “man feet”, my husband still cracks up at that and gives me a hard time. I just ordered two pairs of shoes online and am thinking of exchanging for Dansko shoes. My size is 8 x-wide, or double E. 🙂


  3. Annie,It’s funny how once your feet get into a comfortable pair of shoes, the shoes don’t look so bad anymore. Stacey,I can’t wait to see your new pair of shoes. Can you send a link so I can see them? Did the sandals work out okay then?JR,Wow! That was a brave man to say you have “man feet”. I have no idea about the widths of shoes. I will say that I am regular width and when my feet were swollen, I had to buckle everything on the last buckle and when not swelling on the tightest buckle. Sorry I can’t be of more help. I know you said you wear the RX Crocs, but what other brands have you found you like?Thanks everyone for taking the time to read my post and comment. Cathy


  4. Well, for the summer I live in my Chaco sandals (size wide, ofcourse). Now that I have been in sandals so long I am having a hard time getting my feet in a shoe that constricts my whole foot. I just ordered three pairs of shoes online and have to return all three. Maybe I’ll give Dansko a try. I have a black pair of shoes called Orthofeet. They had one style that was decent looking that I wear in colder weather. I am still struggling with tennis shoes, but New Balance has been the best so far. My hubby said that if I buy tennis shoes again that I should try a pair of men’s. We’ll see.


  5. Since I never go anywhere I very seldom where shoes, but when I do my feet hurt. I need to invest in a good pair of shoes! Good for Steve and for the salesman for getting you into some good and cute shoes!


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