The Simplest Things in Life, Weekly Edition

I find relaxation, enjoyment, and healing in the simplest things in life.

~Three days of nonstop rain without any water in the house and NO Rheumatoid arthritis PAIN, which usually comes with rain!

~Sophia’s face as she excitedly talked about the new book she is writing.

~I had a wonderful discussion this week about the “process” of unschooling with moms experienced in unschooling and moms new to this way of thinking. It was a fantastic conversation.

~The sound of Steve playing guitar as the rain puddled down all weekend.

~My mother in law, Sheryl, surprised me by sending two homemade bags made out of pillow cases and two new hot pads with old towels as the inside padding. I love recycled things and have an addiction to bags.

~The sun shining!

~Alexander spraying the hose at Izzy. If you have ever seen a border collie with a water hose, you will understand how amusing this can be.

~One whole day without anywhere to go.

~Alexander knows if there is even the slightest thing bothering me and will always check to make sure I am okay. It is a comforting feeling when your twelve year old son knows and understands you so well.

~We picked apples in our backyard.

~A friend of mine who recently lost her brother, received a beautifully knitted shawl from another friend. It came with a poem about how shawls give us warmth and protection. I was so touched by this gesture and felt happy knowing that it will give my friend some comfort in the days to come and remind her that she is always wrapped in the warmth and protection of all the friends that love her.

~Sophia made a secret hideaway outdoors between two trees for writing poems and reading. I learn a lot from Sophia about loving life. She is my inspiration.

~I was the featured guest for Sherry’s blogiversary. It’s a nice feeling to know your sister thinks such nice things about you.

~I was the winner of Sherry’s weekly blogiversary drawing! Next week I will be receiving a surprise! I can’t wait. I love surprises.

5 thoughts on “The Simplest Things in Life, Weekly Edition

  1. P.s. I just wanted to let you know that this post really made me feel better. You inspired me to get out and take pictures. I’ll be writing about it soon. Thank you Thank you Thank you! Sometimes I just need to be reminded about whats out there.


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