The Simpliest Things in Life, Weekly Edition

Sometimes the stress of life takes over our lives and we forget to enjoy the many wonderful things that it brings to us. On August 30 I posted about “The Simplest Things in Life”. That weekend my mom, three sisters and I emailed each other and shared the “simple things” happening to us over the weekend. I really felt connected to them and I enjoyed focusing more on the little things that were happening around me and decided this might be a great thing for me to do every week

~This stinkin’ squirrel was tainting me. Last fall while I was at work, Steve and the kids went shopping and bought me an outdoor swing as a surprise. I love it! However, over the winter, those stinkin’ squirrels tore a hole in the cushion in order to make a nest for themselves. (Gosh, do they only think about themselves? Don’t they know how special the swing is to me?) This week I spotted this stinkin’ squirrel at it again and ran outside to scare her away. She ran up the tree with my cushion stuffing and squeaked naughty things at me for what seemed like ten minutes, knowing there was no possible way I was going to reach her. I was so mad at her, yet the kids and I couldn’t stop laughing.

~On Wednesday morning I had an NST appointment. My NST practitioner said that I do not need to return for any more appointments unless I feel a flareup coming on or one to two times a year for “tune-ups” since I am doing so well. Yippeee!!! I am so proud of myself. This is a great victory for me.

~Izzy laying on the floor next to me whether I am in the kitchen, bedroom, laundry room or on the computer. I love having my little “shadow” around. Sophia’s not too bad to have laying around either.

~I found a new blogger friend this week. Jill also has RA and is trying to control it with alternative medicine. I have never actually met anyone else with RA who was attempting this without medication. It is awesome to share stories with her. When I was first diagnosed, I read everything I could online and totally freaked myself out with the horror stories people shared. I finally stopped reading anything on RA because I knew it would defeat my journey to healing. I am so glad to have met this very positive person and all of the other new RA blogger friends I have met this week. I look forward to learning more from all of you!

~Our unschooling group spent the day at the Arboretum. It was a perfect sunny day to hang out with like-minded friends. See photos of the day here:

~Alexander has a couple of new dog sitting jobs. Astro was a little sad that his owners are out of town and wanted to do nothing other than lick Alexander’s face. Alexander was completely fine with that.

~Since Wednesday is our unschooling playgroup day, I look forward to Wednesday evening when my family enjoys Chipotle’s rice bowls, wine and/or sparkling mineral water and the previous evenings showing of Eureka.

~My nephew Leo has been battling tics and seizures for the last two years. My sister Stacey has tried everything she can get her hands on. This week his allergy test came back positive for egg and wheat. This gives her something to work with. I truly admire Stacey for all her hard work.

~I absolutely LOVE blogging. I don’t even care if I am the only one that reads it. It is just something I really look forward to doing.

~Sophia and I finished another American Girl book this week. We are really enjoying learning about The Great Depression. We found out in this book that parents would start hiding old toys months before Christmas and repaint them or change them in some way and give them as new at Christmas. We thought that was pretty smart.

~I went to lunch with my good friend Darcy and her cousin on Tuesday. It was such a delight to be a part of their day. We met at Starbucks, lunched at Bancock Village and then as they headed off to shop, I headed off to pick Sophia up from a birthday party at the mall.

~I am having so much fun participating in Sherry’s blogiversary. She comes up with the most creative ideas.

~Sophia went to the mall for the first time without us. She met friends for a birthday party. I was really nervous about this but when I dropped her off, it was so fun to see all the girls in their purses and giggling. I am glad she has these experiences with other girl friends.

~Watching Steve take off for work in the morning on his bicycle. Steve recently took a new job that is about 3.5 miles from our house. It is amazing how relaxed he is now. Rather than an almost three hour a day commute by car, feet, train, and feet again, he now rides 15 minutes from our house to work. My husband now works local!

~Reading a poem by Sophia about me.
Your eyes light my path,
Your voice calms me,
Your shoulder gives me a pillow when there is no pillow,
Your hugs help me feel better when I am sick,
Your heart is filled with care and love,
You are my true mom and the best mom!

~I have received so many wonderful emails from friends and family this week congratulating me on my RA success. I will keep them and reread them on days that are not so easy. Thanks for all of your love and support. It motivates me more than anything!

~Talking with my dad on the phone. He told me how special he thought it was that Steve spends every Sunday morning with Alexander alone doing “boy” things. I like when my dad is touched by things my family does. What he said is true, “Alexander will always remember these times”. Every Sunday they get up early and do something fun together: play Chess at Starbucks, play video games, go skeet shooting, bike riding, etc. They just really like haning out together.

. Our dog trainer and friend emailed this week that she found out she has breast cancer at 32 years old. I admire that she could ask all of her family and friends to send good thoughts to her. I tend to go into a little hole and hide when I should be asking for help. I also admire that she is seeing the positives to this situation. I thought she was an amazing person before but only admire her more now. Please send any healthy, healing thoughts you can her way.

2 thoughts on “The Simpliest Things in Life, Weekly Edition

  1. I love your simplest things in life and I actually was just thinking about it yesterday. I was watching the kids do something and I thought I haven’t emailed you guys anything all week. I am glad that you started it because it makes me realize how much the small simple things mean.Sherry


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