TRUTH or DARE Blogiversary Game

Sherry’s blogiversary party game for today is “Truth or Dare”. She told a wonderful story about “streaking” with some friends in 1974 and how she was spotted by both a police officer and a house full of nuns. I remember hearing this story as her younger sister and thinking she was fabulous to do that. I still admire that about her. To hear more of the story, click on the blogiversary invite in my sidebar.

Sherry has asked her party guests to share a daring story on their blog. After reading her great story, I thought, “I will skip on this game because honestly, I am not a daring person.” However, after a little more thought, I think I am.

I am not the type of person who is going to do flashy, great story telling, daring things and as a child, I always preferred to please rather than cause problems. But as an adult, much of my life has been daring. Here are some highlights:

~I dared to quit my teaching job of seven years when my daughter was born. I wanted to be home with Alexander and Sophia but it was scary to totally rely on Steve for 100% of our income. Not that I have ever doubted his abilities, but I had worked hard to obtain my teaching job that I loved and I felt very independent knowing I was contributing to our family income.
~My family has always been my main source of friendship and to leave them and move 700 miles away to a place where we knew absolutely nobody was a scary adventure for me. To add to it, Alexander was two years old and Sophia was only four weeks old when we left Kansas.
~I chose to let my children wean naturally from the breast and to tandum nurse. I had no other role models to follow after but just knew it was right for us.
~I dared to unschool my children which means I have put total trust in them that with the guidance and support of Steve and myself, they will learn all they need to learn in life by following their passions. So far I haven’t been disappointed!
~I dared to bring home a border collie as our first ever dog. From what our dog trainers have told us, border collies are one of the most difficult dogs to own because they are so smart. However, she and all of her energy has turned out to be a wonderful addition to our family.
~I dared to go off all medication when everything I read online and everything my rheumatologist told me said it can’t be done. I was told I would be on heavy medication for life. It hasn’t been easy, but I am going on seven months of being medication free and one month without any pain or swelling!
~I dared to go back to my natural hair color and expose all my gray hairs in a society that values youth and perfection rather than the beauty of aging and all the imperfections that come with it.

So, I don’t have any flashy, fun, daring stories to share, but I do feel proud of the “daring” things I have done to bring me where I am today.

What about you? Any great “dare” stories?

3 thoughts on “TRUTH or DARE Blogiversary Game

  1. Moving away from home was scary!! That is the one thing that I thought I would never do. I think you were daring to because you stood up for yourself and made decisions that I wouldn’t have been able to. I must of been bad because no one elst really has any stories?!?!?Sherry


  2. Oh, and my daring stories??I’d have to say…being an unschooler when I have a *BIG* line of school educators and administrators and a Superintendent in it too is a pretty bold move.I give myself a shot 3 times a week for MS, sometimes in the stomach (btw, VERY happy for you on the RA news!) when, just a few yrs ago I would cry through a little blood draw is pretty big for me.Going through a drug-free labor and delivery of an almost 9lb baby was pretty daring.The natural weaning of my son (too) caused a lot of issues with family and friends. I stayed firm on that too. Gee, he wasn’t even three!But, you know what they say – ‘well behaved women rarely make history’. 🙂


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