Izzy and "Not Back to School" picnic

Wednesday we were trying to get ready for our “Not Back to School” picnic and bike ride with our homeschooling group. We let Izzy outside with us as we put the bikes on the rack.

She jumped in the back seat and sat there quietly ready for a ride in the car. She sat so patiently for so long that I felt bad and ended up giving her a ride around the neighborhood before we took off.

To check out our “Not Back to School” Picnic visit http://wild-indigo-life-learners.blogspot.com/

3 thoughts on “Izzy and "Not Back to School" picnic

  1. I love the fact that you took Izzy for a little ride too! He looks so well behaved sitting there waiting patiently. It looks like you guys had a blast on the picnic and bike ride!Sherry


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