Join Sherry In Her First Blogiversary!

My beautiful sister Sherry is celebrating her first blogiversary and birthday with games and give aways. Make sure you stop by her blog for more details.

My sister Sherry is six years older than me. When I was a little girl, she was my world. She made chocolate chip pancakes for me when she came home from school, she fixed my hair, painted my nails, convinced me to cut my hair short (okay, I am not happy about that) and later to “feather” my hair (I loved that!). She let me and my two younger sisters have sleepovers in her bedroom and she and I made hot pudding for breakfast before school. There are numerous things that I loved about Sherry growing up. Mostly, I just loved that even though I was a pesky little sister that kept a watchful eye on boyfriends, she always included me in her life and made me feel special.

Now that we are adults and live far away from each other, I still find numerous things I love about her. She is a devoted mother, grandmother and a kind loving sister. She has not had the luxury of living as close to family as me and therefore does not get the visitors, but she keeps her family in her heart each and every day. Sherry is never without a kind word for family and friends.

Sherry is also an incredible crafter. Please check out her Etsy site She is always making new and different crafts.

Really, Sherry is just an amazing person, so get over to her blog and find out who she is. You won’t be disappointed.

Happy Birthday Sherry and Happy Blogiversary. (Can you imagine us as little girls thinking we would be celebrating a blogiversary??)

6 thoughts on “Join Sherry In Her First Blogiversary!

  1. Hi Cathythat is such nice words you said about Sherry – I have only just discovered her blog yesterday and have already had an E-mail from her. She’s having a great party!!


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