Natural Hair Update

I am now at 20 weeks without any artificial hair coloring and I love it! When you color your hair and the first strands of natural hairs start popping out at your scalp, it can be quite frightening. It looks like every strand of hair is going to age you 20+ years. However, if you are patient and open minded to what can occur, it really isn’t that bad. Some of the gray strands have already started taking on a life of their own, going every which way, but that is just part of the deal. Overall, the transition hasn’t been that tragic. My natural hair is coming in darker than the colored with gray highlights that personally, I kind of like. I like seeing my hair as it is naturally and knowing that I am living by my own expectations.

10 thoughts on “Natural Hair Update

  1. You know, to me, the only thing worse than an old bald guy with a combover is seeing his 70-something year old with with obviously dyed black hair.I have never colored my hair..well, just that once when I was in my 30’s and a sweet young thing in the office said to me “Karen, are you getting ready for Halloween early?”. It was a temporary color so I went home and washed my hair twenty times. I love my gray hair–I earned every one of them.


  2. Karen,That is hilarious about the combover and I know exactly what you mean. My daughter and I were just making a similar comment the other morning when we went out for breakfast and saw this old guy without hardly any hair and his wife with dark brown hair and not a gray strand in it. I do think now that I am letting my hair go back to it’s natural color that I notice how “unnatural” many woman look with their colored hair. Cathy


  3. I’m not quite ready to go gray. I do wait a long time in between coloring my hair though. Maybe one of these days. I admire you thoggh and think you look beautiful!!Sherry


  4. I totally admire your willingness to let your hair do it’s natural thing, but isn’t it a sad reflection on our society when NOT colouring your hair is the exception rather than the norm? I wonder what this says about us as a whole — clearly we value youth above age and wisdom. My mum went grey early and has never dyed her hair. I haven’t either — yet 🙂 I think when I time comes I will look into henna and indigo.


  5. Hannah,IMO, our society fears aging – gray hairs and wrinkles! We are always trying to find ways to eliminate both. However, I have seen a few woman with gray hairs that are my age (40) and they look absolutely stunning. Steve once said, “It’s a little weird when you see a hot chick from behind and based on her body and hair she looks like she is in her 20’s or 30’s and then she turns around and her face is much older.” I want to look good but match what is going on with my aging process. On the other hand, maybe it is that hair coloring has come so far and it is just another accessory that we can add to our wardrobe. It can be fun to have so many different looks, I guess. For me, I don’t like to look drab by any means, but I do like to know what I look like and feel comfortable being me. Hair coloring just isn’t comfortable for me. Cathy


  6. Stacey,Thanks for the compliment. One of the reasons I feel beautiful inside and out is because of all the wonderful people in my life that see me that way. I always feel support and love which gives me the strength to go against the grain of our society with my health, hair color, homeschooling philosophy, etc. Thanks for being one of my main supporters! I love you inside and out too! Cathy


  7. I have one friend who always comments about the gray in my hair. He says it looks like I brushed up against some wet paint.I shoot back with proverb:Gray hair is a crown of wisdom. 🙂


  8. Hi. I’m here via Karen’s blog. 🙂I stopped coloring my hair around Christmas of last year and I love it. I receive many more compliments on my hair now than I ever did before, including from my two (older) sisters and my mom, who all still color.I think the media has put yet another wrong idea in our heads about “aging gracefully” by denying the signs of aging. To me, aging gracefully means embracing the changes.


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