A Fun and Relaxing Visit with My Mom

Last Thursday my mom, JoVeta, came to visit us. This was the first time in the history of visitors that I did not go to any extra effort to clean our house before a visit. It was quite liberating and seemed to set the stage for a relaxing visit.

My mom brought me a surprise! A Sign Chi Do DVD that we tried out together. She is lucky enough to know the founder of this method of stress management and has participated in her workshop.

Knowing the kids were safe with Grandma, Steve and I went out for a date night to hear Jim Gaffigan. We had a great time. The next night we introduced Mom to Gaffigan by renting his Beyond the Pale DVD. She loved it. The greatest thing about Gaffigan is your kids will love him too.

We spent a lot of time at our computers. You might think that isn’t a good way to visit but we learned a lot about what the other reads online. Also, Sophia and I introduced mom to blogs. She now has her own blog about Kansas Parish Nursing and Three Trees! (Please ignore the messy table)

Mom treated us to some dinners out! In this picture we are at Flat Top Grill. Not only is the food great, but they have menus for all different types of food allergies so it was easy to get a delicious gluten/dairy free meal.

And we visited Joe (my nephew) and Ashley’s new apartment in Logan Square (Chicago).

From their house we walked to dinner.

And enjoyed a cool summer evening meal outdoors.

We also enjoyed gelato at our local Traviata’s.

My mom likes to visit during the summer when Naperville and The American Red Cross sponsor art created by local artists. Each year is a different theme and is displayed throughout the downtown area. After Labor Day, the art is auctioned off and the proceeds go to The American Red Cross. This year is frogs and dragonflies.

Finally, while the boys went out for their weekly Sunday morning alone time….

Sophia and I treated mom to breakfast……

and a pedicure. Sophia decided she needed her hair up and we both needed to wear aprons so we looked more professional.

This is our second time of giving mom a pedicure. This time Sophia found some great spa music, we bought some new nail painting supplies and a stone to scrub dry heels. I must admit, we did a good job!

The finished product…..

As always, we love mom to visit and had a great time!

4 thoughts on “A Fun and Relaxing Visit with My Mom

  1. 1. You Mom is a really neat, really busy lady. No wonder you are such a nice person.2. If I come to visit, will you give me breakfast and a pedicue?I have been off the plateau (Kaibab) 4 times in the last two months, trying to get a pedicure. It has not happened yet. The last time, in Page, Arizona, the shop was having problems with their water and could not do it. big big sigh!!!


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