The Simplest Things in Life

Louise Hay’s daily affirmation for today is I find relaxation, enjoyment, and healing in the simplest things in life.. I thought it would be fun to share some of the simplest things in life that I enjoyed today:

~Laying in the dark at three in the morning discussing life with my husband.

~Izzy rolling over at 3:30 AM for a little rub on her tummy since I was awake anyhow.

~Enjoying a second cup of hot green tea at 6AM while the house was still mostly dark and quiet.

~Remembering how when I took Sophia clothes shopping yesterday she said, “Thank you Momma. I feel so spoiled.” (1 clearance dress, 1 clearance shirt, a pair of 40% off jeans and a 40% off sweater that she offered to buy herself) I have the sweetest girl!

~Wearing my new pajamas to bed last night and waking up happy with my purchase. I love comfy pajamas!

~Steve joining us at the farmer’s market today and saying, “Once you get our age, this is where all the hot chicks hang out.”

~The toddler behind our house was crying this morning as I walked by their house. It reminded me of my own babies and how soothed they would be with gentle words and momma’s breast.

~Alexander bought jeans for the first time. He hasn’t worn jeans since he was about a year old.

~Sophia wrote a beautiful story last night to submit to American Girl. I was really touched by it. It made me cry.

~Fresh peaches from the farmers market.

~Bike ride to the swimming pool with Alexander and Sophia

~A neighbor friend came over this evening to set up a date to teach Sophia Japanese. When I asked if I can pay her, she said, “NO.”

~Feeling good again today! Something I am doing is working right.

What are some simple things in life you have enjoyed lately?

5 thoughts on “The Simplest Things in Life

  1. I have enjoyed phone conversations with my daughters, one in Georgia, the other in the middle of a move from Norfolk to Denver.I enjoyed a Dove ice cream bar that my hubs brought home as a surprise for me.I enjoyed lunch with a friend, and she paid the bill.I enjoyed watching the birds in the trees at my work station.Life just doesn’t get better than this.


  2. Hey Cathy, thanks so much for the comments; so sweet!! This post is a great idea…I think I might start this on my blog too. You can never be too thankful and if you don’t pay attention the simple things in life pass you by. I look forward to reading more and getting to know you better. Amazing how the blog world brings complete strangers to get to know one another and share in their joys and pains.


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