Jim Gaffigan in Chicago and We Saw Him!

I have never listened to a comedian that made me laugh from start to finish until I heard Jim Gaffigan the first time a few years back. He is absolutely hilarious. So, when we found out he was coming to Chicago, we of course bought tickets.

What we didn’t intend on doing was standing in line for over an hour to buy a $10 poster and have it signed, or to have our picture taken, but somehow, that is exactly what happened.

After a terrific show, we left the theatre to see a long line of people waiting to meet Jim Gaffigan personally. We thought, “Well, let’s just stand here until he comes out and get a good look at him close up.” Unfortunately for us, the staff at the theatre informed us we either needed to get in line or leave. So, our next idea was to get in the back of the line and as the line started moving, we would leave, as if we didn’t want to wait that long and then we would see him as we walked out. So, we waited. And as we waited, we felt the excitement of waiting in line to see not only someone famous, but someone that has brought an unusual amount of laughter into our lives.

As we waited, we became second to last in line as two gentlemen wearing “Hot Pocket” shirts (Jim does a great bit on Hot Pockets) rejoined the line when they discovered the picture they had taken with Gaffigan had turned out blurry. Seeing us without a camera, one of the two graciously asked if we wanted them to take our picture and email it to us. Of course we did! The best thing is, he took it and really sent it. Thanks Brian!

Enjoy this bit on cake.

2 thoughts on “Jim Gaffigan in Chicago and We Saw Him!

  1. Sounds like fun! It’s kind of fun to sometimes do things that you wouldn’t ordinarily do. That was wonderful of Brian to take the picture and actually email it to you!!Love,Sherry


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