Lesson on "Living in the Moment" from My Husband

This spring and summer we have been fortunate to have many visitors. We hosted homeschooling author David Albert in April, my nephew Joe and his new bride Ashley graduated from college which brought my oldest brother and his family in May, my sister Stacey and her two boys were here for a week in June with an overnight visit from my niece Emily and her husband Andrew, and in August my mother in law Sheryl stayed a week and then my niece Alexis and her boyfriend Jake came for the weekend with their one year old Anthony.

With each visitor, I have been more and more impressed with my husband Steve. As part of my recovery of rheumatoid arthritis, I am trying to live more in the moment, ask for help and let worries go. Generally when visitors are coming, I am always worried about what we are going to eat and whether or not the house is clean enough while Steve stays in a very relaxed mode. He helps if I ask, but otherwise, continues with life as usual. What I realized this spring and summer with all of our visitors though, is that my very own spouse is doing what I am achieving to do – “Living in the Moment” with those that are most precious to me. Below are some highlights of Alexis, Jake and Anthony’s visit showing exactly what impresses me most about Steve when we have visitors.

Steve takes an active role in hosting. Besides keeping conversations flowing, he spends quality time with our guests. When our niece Lexie was visiting over the weekend with her baby Anthony and boyfriend Jake, Steve happily played with Anthony.

He gave Anthony’s parents a break (17 hours on the Amtrak) and pulled the wagon on a walk through the neighborhood.

Steve seems to want each visitor to enjoy all the splendor that Chicago has to offer. He happily plans out all day excursions. While I am always thinking, “How much are we going to spend?” Steve appears to be thinking, “They aren’t here everyday so let’s have fun.” And you know what? The money always works out in the end.

Rather than walking to Michigan Ave, Steve suggested we take a water taxis, which our family had never tried either and it was perfect for seeing all the buildings in Chicago.

When my niece thought she lost her phone, Steve walked all the way back to the water taxi, waited for the taxi to return and searched for the phone while we continued on to Millennium Park. (Steve had the camera so I didn’t get any good pictures of us at Millennium Park)

Steve also goes out of his way to make sure guests know which flight/train to get on and always helps with luggage.

I have always known that I am fortunate to have a husband that cares so much for the kids and me, but recently I have enjoyed being more aware of how he is able to care for others. As I am trying to “let go” of unnecessary stresses in my life, I like watching how he just enjoys life rather than worrying about all of the “unnecessaries”. Each time we go out and do things as a family or with visitors, he makes life fun. I really admire that about him.

Oh, and not to be forgotten, my mom JoVeta will be visiting on Thursday!!!!

4 thoughts on “Lesson on "Living in the Moment" from My Husband

  1. Thanks so much for having Lexie and Jake stay and for showing them such a good time!! It looks like Anthony enjoyed everyone! Doesn’t he have the cutest smile and the bluest eyes? Jace loved the pictures you sent, he was excited to see his baby and LExie and Jake!!! Sherry


  2. Thankfully my husband is relaxed like this too. He loves to host people and I’m always worried about what food to make. It’s ironic, but I love to study food and yet struggle when it comes to actually preparing it. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it’s more important to connect with people than to impress them with my home or my cooking. We are blessed to have wise husbands I think! 🙂


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