My Rich and Full Life

All my experiences are part of the richness and fullness of my life. – Louise Hay website
As a forty year old woman, I have had many experiences that have made me the person I am today – someone that I really like. I feel like I am always evolving, yet I have core values that have stayed with me for longer than I can remember. I feel like I have been fortunate in the fact that my life has always been fairly easy and for the most part, I accept the times that weren’t easy as experiences that have made me stronger.

After visiting my extended family in Kansas for three days, I was reminded of how each family member (parents, siblings, nieces, nephews) has contributed to the rich and full life I am fortunate enough to experience.

Kansas has the most beautiful skies. Whenever we are driving in, I am always blown away by how beautiful they really are.

Great minds think alike. Stacey and I both cut our hair short within a day of each other.

Dad and Carol always welcome us into their house. They both gave us instructions on WiiFit.

My older brother Mike and his family have always been an inspiration to me. Together they put together a beautiful rehearsal dinner at their home.

My mom who always makes a special effort to keep in touch with the interests of my family.

My two special guys!

My pretty girl who enjoyed every minute of being a flower girl!

My college professor who out of the blue showed up at the wedding just to see me!

“The girls”. The three of us were always known as “the girls”. We are the three youngest of six.

My nephew Joe who moved to Illinois four years ago and now makes his home here. The look on his face as he waited for his bride brought tears to my eyes. To feel so much love for one person is an amazing thing – something I am glad I still feel for my love of 20 years. Also, I love this picture because of the support from his parents that Joe was receivng right when he needed it.

My friends and family have given me numerous rich and full experiences. Thanks so much to everyone for making me who I am today!

PS – We missed Sherry and family at the wedding. Please know that you were all thought of throughout the day as you are everyday!

4 thoughts on “My Rich and Full Life

  1. What a beautiful post! As I read your post and looked at the pictures, I felt the deep connection you were expressing toward your family members and it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing this!


  2. im so excited to see everyone back home! & of course you guys!4 more days untill we get there!!!We were wondering if there's anyway you can pick us up at the train station? we are arriving at 9:45am.(im pretty sure, I'll have to check the tickets to be 100% positive) I really hate to ask you, & feel terrible for any inconvenience, but theres no other way we could get to your house.& im so sorry its so early in the morning.let us know please!thanks,lexie


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